Summer is Here: Worksheets for Success!

Well, it is officially the first of July and if you’re not sweating yet, you will be soon! (and that’s before you even start working out!) The heat has arrived and the last four months of working out has paid off for me but I still have a lot to go before I’m in the best shape of my life. I’ve discovered that in order to stay on track, you need to be diligent in keeping record of what exactly it is you are eating each day and also how many calories you are burning on a daily basis.

After following various workouts with the 21 day fix program, I noticed that my diet wasn’t quite tight enough. And the only way to make sure I was being good was to write down most of the things I was eating. I realized I needed to invest in some good quality worksheets I found on Jeanie and Joan’s worksheets shop on etsy.   There I was able to get tally sheets for the 21 day fix program that have helped me tremendously in keeping on track. I also found various printables too so I could print out the workouts I needed to do each day.

If you don’t log and track your results and your daily caloric intake, you’re bound to mess up and not realize how you are messing up.  You need to be consistent in your efforts to lose weight and then you will reap the rewards.  By working out every day, I was able to lose 25 pounds in under two months using this program.  My tally sheets helped me tremendously and also by drinking lots of water, it helped me stay within the amount of calories I was supposed to eat each day.

I was consuming around 1800 calories a day and working out between 30 minutes to an hour each day. This got me great results and I couldn’t be happier than I am now with my body. Well, I could be and that is what the next month is for before my vacation! I’m set to be fitter than ever and hope that I can meet my goals by being consistent and dedicated.

I recommend using the 21 day fix workout schedule to truly stay on track and to help you log how many calories you burn per workout.  On average, I burn between 200-400 calories per workout but that is pushing myself really hard.  If you put forth the same amount of effort I do, you won’t have a problem getting the same results.

Changing It Up in 21 Days: Making a Habit

Well may has come and everyone knows that may marks the end of spring and the start of summer. A lot of people are happy because the progress that they have made over the past four months is starting to pay off. They are wearing their T-shirts and their short shorts and excited to wear bikinis on the beach because they have worked hard and trained hard and eating clean over the past four months.

But then there are those who had all these hopes and dreams of getting skinny and fit over the past four months and the sad truth is that none of it ever came true. These are the people who summer after summer down to themselves and to all their friends into everyone around them that next summer and they will be the ones wearing bikinis on the beach. Or that they will be the ones sporting a six pack while running on the beach and playing volleyball with hot girls. The sad truth is that these people year after year make the same choices. If you do not sacrifice something in the first four months of the year, you are not going to be able to have incredible results in just one month. So I will not promise you that while doing the 21 day fix exercise program, you will have the body of your dreams after only 21 days. By this is the start to making the new change and a new habit in your life.

What I love about the 21 day fix exercise program is that it’s for anyone. A lot of popular workout programs insist that you have to work out for an hour or more a day to get any type of results. But with this program provides you everything you need to get started. I read a 21 day fix review that said this girl lost 30 pounds by doing three rounds of the 21 day fix. If you start exercising now you might just have a chance of having a great body by August. Sure it won’t be by June or by July but if you work hard during those months and don’t succumb to drinking tons of beer or eating a lot of ice cream, you might be able to get a body that you’ve always wanted as well. The most important part is to be diligent and persistent in order to get what you want.

Working out for 21 Days and Getting Results

Let me ask you a question. Right now it is halfway through March. Most people make these huge New Year’s resolutions back in January and were committed to getting in shape before the end of March. I am willing to guess that the majority of the people reading this right now are not in shape. While we make these huge promises to ourselves is very difficult to fulfill these promises and actually start exercising and eating right. The fact of the matter is that most people have very busy daily lives and that makes it very difficult to be able to fulfill any of our fitness goals. Exercise takes time but what takes more time than exercise is proper nutrition and meal planning. They say that it takes up to six months for other people to notice that you have lost weight.

I recommend going on a diet for three weeks. If you can commit to a diet plan for only 21 days, you will see an incredible difference in the way your body looks and in the way that you feel. By eating healthily and eating fruits and vegetables and lean meats while on the 21 day diet plan, you will lose so many inches from your waist and all over your body. You will be so surprised at how your body has changed in such a short amount of time. Summer is coming in less than three months. If you do not make the effort now to get in shape, you will not be ready for the summer time. Now is the time to work hard for what you want.

Every single person in this world has responsibilities and duties and things that they need to do. Whether it be taking care of children, taking care of your animals, or any other activity, the most important thing that you can do is exercise, eat healthily and eat well in order to meet your goals. Commit to this diet for just 21 days and you will be surprised and so delighted by your results. The 21 day diet consists of eliminating sugar and carbohydrates from your diet for three weeks so that you are able to get rid of the cravings that have been holding you back and make you gain weight per year after year. If you combine this diet with exercise, you will see results even faster and you will be so happy with your progress.

5 Ways to Improve Your Teeth and Smile

One of the most prominent features of the face is your mouth, and more so, your smile. It’s a sad truth but a bad smile can make or break a photo. Over the years, I have had many friends who have been pained by fact that they couldn’t smile properly in photos because they were embarrassed of their uneven teeth. As children, they were unable to get braces for whatever financial reason, and are now too embarrassed to invest in braces as adults. However, there are many alternatives to braces for adults that help make your teeth look straighter and overtime, will help straighten them.

Veneers are extremely popular in the world of celebrities as they are a layer that goes over top of your teeth helping to instantly fix any uneven teeth or make your current set look whiter and straighter. The upsides are that you can get the procedure done quickly and don’t have to spend years waiting for your teeth to straighten naturally. However, they are also very expensive to get done and some people complain that they look a little artificial.

Secondly, there are porcelain braces recommended by your best dentist in la mesa CA which are similar to the metal bracket types except they are made of a porcelain ceramic material that you can use clear rubber bands over so it minimizes the appearance of the braces. Most people won’t even know you have braces unless they look closely at your mouth. The downside is that they are still noticeable and if you eat regular foods, you’ll stain the rubber white bands easily and then it will make your teeth appear yellow until you change the bands.

There are several ways to help whiten your smile naturally so that even if your teeth are uneven, at least they will appear whiter and look better in photos. There are many types of gums and toothpastes that promise to whiten you teeth if you brush with them the paste twice a day for four weeks duration. Not all of these are effective, so we recommend consulting a pharmacy for a consultation about which toothpaste will give you the best desired results based on your needs.

You may also create your own organic homemade toothpaste. Many parents worry about their children consuming chemicals if they accidentally swallow toothpaste. That is why you might like to make your own using baking powder, orange juice and other ingredients to help scrub the teeth naturally. In this way, there is no danger if the children swallow the tooth paste. It also is a fun project to make with your kids!

By implementing any of these techniques you will have several options to help either straighten your teeth or whiten them so won’t have to feel embarrassed about your smile the next time someone takes a photograph of you!

5 Signs That You Might Need an Osteopath

Is there any constant pain that you are experiencing? Have the painkillers and the medicines proved to be useless? Are even the exercises and the physiotherapy not working? Have you failed to treat the symptoms and the issue and have become completely disappointed?

If this is your current situation, then you surely need the osteopath. Here we will discuss the 5 major symptoms that are a clear indication that you need an osteopath.

  1. Continuous Chronic Pain

If you are having chronic pain that either appears after some interval or is constantly there. In case, you had an injury in the past that wasn’t treated because it felt insignificant but is now causing a lot of pain that is making your everyday activities difficult to be performed. Then, you surely need to consult a London Osteopath to help heal you of your aches and pains.

  1. Stiff Muscles

You were feeling alright, but then all of a sudden you felt stiffness and tight muscles. It is difficult for you to say for sure the actual cause of the issue, but it is making you feel sick and inactive. This sign is an indication that you should immediately consult an osteopath.

  1. Unable To Get an Effective Treatment

If you have tried all the medical treatments and therapies but remain unable to get the actual diagnosis and effective treatment. You are disappointed with all the money, and the resources that you have spent have proved to be useless. Your injury could not be healed with the rest or the exercises either.

  1. Looking For Cost Effective and Natural Method

You have searched the internet for other professionals about the best way to treat the pains, but remain unable to decide the best way that is not only long-lasting but is also affordable. You have tried the painkillers but are looking for a natural way to cure the cause and not just the symptoms.

  1. Pain Starts Dominating Your Life

In case, the pain is affecting all the routine work in your hectic life. Whether it is spending quality time with your friends and family or performing the daily chores, your relaxing time or the exercise you love to do. If you feel that this pain is causing a hindrance in your activities that you can quickly perform otherwise, and start thinking this pain to be never ending.

If any one or more of the symptoms mentioned above appears, or you are suffering from them for quite a time. Then maybe it is the time for you to take some action and consult an osteopath as he surely has a cure for all of these issues. Not just can they diagnose the actual problem of the pain but also help you in getting rid of it with proper therapy. So, no more pain killers and doctor visits, try a natural and authentic method of treatment!

Summer Time and Operation Bikini

Hello there! It’s been awhile and I wanted to do an update! I’m looking better than ever after training all winter for summer. Summer time means hot chicks on the beach in bikinis. You think hot chicks are gonna talk to a dude with a big gut? Let me answer that, NO.  Unless they’re blind. Blind hot chicks might give you the time of day, lol.

On that note, I’ve been trying to “cut” in my cutting phase after bulking up and getting huge. I have giant biceps and everyone just keeps commenting how massive I was. But I didn’t have a nice lean cut definition which sucked cause once the shirt comes off, that’s what everyone is seeing.  My mate told me he went on a cutting diet to lean up before his spring break trip to cancun.. some type of crazy army diet called the 3 day military diet plan. I went on the diet for the recommended three days and trust me, it wasn’t easy.

The diet called for eating foods I hate like grapefruit and melba toast. But I did it right before my European trip to Ibiza with my buddies and it was worth it. I lost about 10 pounds. I did the military diet twice in one month and in total lost 15 pounds. I was never fat but when you bulk your muscles and body gets huge and sometimes you just need to lean out. I’m now up about 5 pounds after the vacation but I had a blast and rocked that beach like no one’s business!

My plan is to keep eating healthy and lifting weights. It’s easy to get fat again when you’re on a trip and drinking beer all summer with your buddies.  In this heat, it’s impossible to want to workout or exercise but necessary if you want to maintain a great body and keep building.  I’ll probably do the 3 day diet again before my next vacation, it’s definitely a great solution for anyone needed to drop a few pounds before a big party. Totally recommend it!  Well, that’s it for now, keep checking my blog for more progress. I plan on uploading some new pics after my next vacation and I’ll try to get a few hot chicks on my arms so the talk is lived up to! Wishing everyone an awesome summer and I look forward to it before my last year at university before I enter the world as a big boy. Haha! Peace out.

Losing Weight after a Temporary Gain

Hey everyone I hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Year’s. I love Christmas don’t get me wrong Christmas is the best time of the year but I have one problem with Christmas and that is I overeat. I guess I can’t blame Christmas. It’s not Christmas’s fault but I can’t stop eating. I had a great holiday. I scelery-dietpent my holiday doing what most people do. I visited my family and my grandparents and my buddies.

I went to my sister’s house and she made the most amazing turkey I have ever tasted in my entire life. The funny thing is three weeks went by and I didn’t do anything… I mean I did a lot of eating and playing video games with my nephews but I didn’t work out. I don’t even want to think about how much weight I gained over the holidays. But after starting some fiber supplements at this health and fitness blog and saw some reviews on skinny fiber when I realized I made many diet failures this winter break.
My mom said to me once, “James, are you hungry? We have apples in the fridge about green apples your favorite.” You know when you’re a kid and you tell your mom that you’re not hungry for salad or you are not hungry for celery or cucumbers well I’m in college and I’m still not hungry for an Apple. I’m hungry for pizza mom!

But after New Year’s everything changes. I went to a New Year’s Eve party and there were some beautiful women. All of the women were dressed in tight black dresses with really great cleavage. Here I was, sitting in a chair, with a baggy T-shirt and jeans that were too tight. Keep in mind these genes were not tight before the holidays. But now they are, because I have gained 20 pounds.

Now that I’m back at college, I have decided to change my eating habits. Spring is coming, and if I hope today one of those beautiful girls in bikinis in the summer time, I need to look good!

So, I have been eating vegetables, chicken, lean steak, fruit, and drinking a lot of water, oh, and drinking green tea. I have lost 8 pounds in two weeks after eating like this. And now I feel a lot better I have also been taking fiber pills which have helped me feel full and have prevented me from having to servings at dinner time.


I need to start lifting weights at the gym, and make some new friends who don’t just want to drink beer all day long and eat pizza while watching a hockey game. Remember you need to make goals that last long and understand that losing weight isn’t just something that happens fast. You have to be dedicated, and not give up even when you fail or have one bad day. Wishing all of you happy January and good luck on your resolutions, remember that you are not alone.

Signing out, James.

Avoiding Weight Gain and The Infamous Freshman 15 and how to lose weight instead

Oh, the infamous Freshman 15. Nothing goes together like weight gain and college. It’s like milk and chocolate chip cookies (and dozens of them if you’re a freshman cramming for exams). During my first year of college, I put on around 25 pounds. It was a mess. Your body is different when you’re in high school. You can eat whatever the heck you like and you don’t seem to put on any weight. Beer, parties, late night fast food. you’re still fit as a fiddle for the football game on Sunday night. Or maybe it’s just that you are exercising more. I was a member of the football team, I snowboarded almost daily in the winter. I was always working out.


But in college, things change. You are rarely working out because you are studying all the time. Exams are brutal, CLASS is brutal. I barely lifted a book in high school and managed to pass with B’s. IF I tried, I easily would get an A. I work my tail off in college and am slamming out C’s at best. This leads to enormous amounts of stress every time I get a D. And stress leads to, over-eating. Sometimes I’d pull all-nighters and the only thing that would keep me awake was eating an entire bag of chips and a 2 L bottle of Root beer.

And that’s not including the parties I’d go to on the weekend. Ever hear of beer pong? Drinking games? Unsafe and stupid if you ask me but hey, I did it and have done it. If I pound down 10 beers in a night, guess how many calories that is? Guess how many WORKOUTS or exercises I have to do in order to burn it off. Too many to count and definitely not a fraction of what I WAS doing.

One of the girls on campus, Bethany, also gained about 15 pounds during our first year (this was in 2011). But in the spring, she looked significantly trimmer. She was in one of my sports science classes. I decided to take the plunge and be a very brave brave man and ask her ”hey, have you lost weight?” essentially implying at one point she was fat, but I looked like a tub of butter at this point. She said that she had started taking these fiber pills called skinny fiber? Fibre? Whichever the spelling is. And she’d been losing a steady 1-2 pounds every week since December with skinny fiber. You can see plenty of incredible skinny fiber pill reviews in 2014 online and see if the testimonials and before and after pictures of users using skinny fiber appeals to you. There are a lot of products on the market but this is definitely one of my favourites! You can also find out how much fiber that your body requires per day at this skinny pill network you need to lose weight. I haven’t taken any myself yet but that’s what was working for her. I opted to join the free gym on campus and start lifting weights and snacking on healthier things when I’m studying all night. Like a bag of light popcorn, or raw veggies and ranch dip. My buddies make fun of me but they’re all sporting big guts and I’m losing weight each week. Suckas!


Remember that the best way to avoid gaining the freshman 15 is to REMEMBER that you are no longer invincible. Some of my friends who were fat as kids are the fittest NOW since they’ve never had a fast metabolism. They had to learn how to moderate and be careful. Whereas us animals who never had problems in the past are developing into Ursula from the little mermaid. Oh, how life screws us ALL in the end. My trick is to get in my protein, fiber, and work out!

My only advice is to watch what you eat, exercise regularly and limit yourself to only one-two nights of drinking a week (NO binge drinking). If you can manage that, you probably will only gain the Freshman 5 (and that’s better than the freshman 25 I gained) Good luck, champions!

Peace out.


A College Christmas and the Best Holiday Party Ideas

The season is upon us, holidays, Christmas, time to unwind and relax after busting our butts off all year In college. And by all year, I mean those 3-4 months that we have to endure.

So what’s the best way to unwind? I’ll tell you, PARTY.

Every legitimate college kid knows that there are a few classic Christmas house parties you gotta throw.

1 – Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

This is a great one for guys and girls. I get tired of those parties where everyone has to look their best, sport a shirt and trousers. Or the guys just roll up wearing jeans and a t-shirt while the girls are expected to look sexy in tight dresses and heels while we look like we just rolled out of bed 7 nights ago and screw shaving, it’s sexy right? Ugly Christmas sweater parties mean literally FINDING the ugliest sweater you can at a thrift shop like goodwill or the salvation army and wearing it with a pair of jeans. Bonus points if you can find some ugly Christmas pants.

2 – Classic Christmas Movie Marathon

Okay, this isn’t necessarily a PARTY of the booze-infused variety but it does mean a heck of a good time. Everyone has to bring their favourite cartoon flick or Christmas movie and just chill down watching Home Alone and Jingle all the Way with your best buds. If you REALLY want to college-fy it, make a drinking game. Every time Kevin Mcculkin screams in home alone, DRINK a sip of your beer. Lol. Be safe this holiday, folks!

Well, that’s all for me. And remember, try not to gorge on food and drinks all holiday or you WILL regret it. Make exceptions for Christmas eve and Christmas day, oh and new year’s. if you can’t treat yourself THESE days, then when can you? Enjoy, ladies and gents!

Hey College Kids!

Welcome to my exam study blog!

J Long here from Oakland College.

Basically I’m studying physical therapy at Oak and want a place to help my fellow college juniors study and learn.

Have big dreams to run my own practice and give therapy to the pro athletes.   A boy can dream, right?

Good luck with exams coming up, bros!  Will have some study tips here when I get the time to post!  For now enjoy this therapy video for beginners!  Cute girl too haha!